Ah, it's at time again - time to return to Hogwarts: our home. Though the Golden Trio's time here is over, adventures have seemingly just begun for their off-spring. Will family rivalries be re-boiled and re-surfaced, or will they look past their blood and into their very hearts? Friendships and family may both be tested, and new evils are lurking within these ancient walls. So perhaps dead-beat drama might be the least of the student's concerns. Speaking of concerns, it might do so to the students and their parents about last years disappearance of Emily Congrest. Oh silly little girl just ran off, she was a rather un happy child after all - right?

Still, it is best to be warned. History always has a way of repeating itself after all...

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Fred Weasley | Gryffindor | Year 6 | FC: Luke Pasqualino | Open

Fred Weasley the second, what a fancy-sounding title was it not? However Freddie himself wouldn’t be caught dead doing anything of the matter. He was a typical jokester - like his father before him. Usually off causing mischief with James or hanging out with Frank as of recently. He’s hyper and full of life, often getting in trouble for laughing too much. And though he could be quite the handful, in the end he’s someone you’re glad to have in your corner. He flirts with girls, however uses cheesy pick-up lines to do so. Using it as a way to get a laugh than a date - so rejections never actually hurt. That perhaps until one girl in this castle that was worth a second look actually finds one worthy of a giggle. And if that day doesn’t come? Who cares! Lifes too short to be unhappy with just yourself after all.

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